Continuity of oral and textual traditions of the Vedas

(held at Kadavallur Sri Ramaswamy temple, Kerala from 14 to 16 November 2014)

Oral and Textual Traditions of Veda – Karnataka Region – Dr R Suresha, Mysore
Mudra Tradition of Vedic Recitation in Kerala by Dr. K P Parvathy
Vedic Ritual Tradition of Kerala by Dr. N M Narayanan
Vedic Ritual Tradition of Karnataka by Prof. N. Radhakrishna Bhat, Mysore
Oral and Textual Traditions of Vedas in Andhra & Telangana Regions by Dr. R.V.S.S. Avadhanulu
Oral and Textual Traditions of Veda in Kerala by Dr. K. A. Ravindran
Vedic Manuscripts in Kerala by Revathy K. M.
Documentation of Vedic Traditions in Southern Part of India- Retrospect and Prospect by Dr. K. Varalakshmi
Vedapathasalas in Andhra Pradesh by Dr. K. Varalakshmi
Documentation of Jaiminiyasamaveda of Kerala Namputhiris by Nidheesh Kannan B.
Vedic Ritual Tradition of Tamil Nadu by Dr. V. Vasudevan
Revival and Preservation: South India as a Haven of Vedic Culture by Chettiarthodi Rajendran
Oral and Textual Traditions of Veda – Tamil Nadu Region by S.A.S. Sarma