General Science

  1. Vedas- India’s Scince Base by M.R. Suriyan, R. Prabhu, C. Saikumar & P.T. Perumal

  2. Classification of Plants in Ancient Indian Science- by Dr. S.B. Kale

  3. Genetics in Ancient Indian Science by Dr. S.B. Kale

  4. Human Anatomy in the Veda by Dr. Prajna Yogesh Joshi

  5. Botany in Vedic Literature by Dr. P.K. Mishra

  6. Vedas, Gita, and Modern Science by Prof. P. Achuthan

  7. The Vaidic Particle Physics- A Revolutionary Vaidic Concept of the Particle Physics by Sri Dinesh Tiwari

  8. Theory of Everything (TOE) in Modern Science & Vedic Science by Sri Ramella VSS Avadhanulu

  9. Rain Induction through Vedic Technology by Vedamurti Ketan Kale

  10. Shruthi Vijnan by M.V.S.V. Pranjapa

  11. Vedic Concept of Light in Upanishads and Vedic Philosophy_ A Comparative Study by N.K. Prasanna Nayak

  12. Science, Sense and Spirituality by Dr. H.N. Gaur

  13. Derivation of Modern Scientific Discoveries from the Vedic Sastras by Dr. S. Venugopalacharya

  14. Hydro Science in Vedic Literature by Dr. Hemlata Bolia

  15. Vedic Microbiology: Microbiology in the Vedas- a Revived History by Dr. Chakradhar Frend

  16. Sources of Energy- Some Vedic Concepts by Dr. P.C. Muraleemadhavan

Vedic Interface with Modern Science

  1. Veda and Science- An analysis in the Light of Brahma Cult by K.M. Raju

  2. March from Vedic to Material and Life Sciences by Sri Narendra bahadur Singh

  3. Vedic Vijnana and Modern Science by Dr. V.S. Kale and Dr. S.B. Kale

  4. Vedasastram Ancient Veda Vedanga Vedantham and Modern Science by Sri Thomas M.K.

  5. Vedanta and Science by Prof. Jatindra Saha

  6. Interpretation of Shankaracharya’s Mayavada in the Light of Modern Science by Dr. Sujata Purkayastha

  7. Scientific Concept Embedded in the Veda Towards the Treatment of “Water” (Apah) by Dr. Sitanath Dey

  8. A Glimpse of Science in Ancient India Restrospection from IISc by Dr. P.K.Biswas and Dr. K.I. Vasu

  9. Spiritualism in Education with Special reference to the Upanishads by Dr. Priya M. Vaidya

  10. Vedic Science-Appropriate Technology by Sri C.B. Mohan Kumar

  11. Communication Skills Reflected in Ancient Indian Literature by Dr. Kanchan Mande Vasant

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