Chandas Vedanga is regarded as the feet of the Veda Purusha. The body of the Vedas rests on the Chandas which are in the nature of feet. Each Mantra of the Veda has a special Chandas, just as it has a presiding Devata.According to Nirukta the term Chandas is derived from the root  Chad (to cover). Meter is called Chandas because it covers the sense of the Mantra. The Chandas is designed for the purpose of securing the proper reading and reciting of Vedic texts. The literature comprising this Vedanga on metrics is equally small.

  1. The texts, dealing with Vedic meters, are as follows :
  2. Rikpratishakhya 
  3. Shankhayana Shrauta-sutra 
  4. Nidana-sutra of Samaveda
  5. Chandas-sutras of PingalaEach of them contains a section varying slightly from each other on Vedic meters.