Image from Agnicayana Project
Image from Agnicayana Project

About Vedic Heritage Portal


Prof. K D Tripathi, Advisor, ERC Varanasi Chairperson
Prof. Sri Kishore Mishra, Varanasi Member
Prof. K Ramasubramanian, IIT Bombay Member
Prof. C M Neelkandhan, Kerala Member
Dr. N D Sharma, HOD (Kalakosha) Member
Dr. Advaitavadini Kaul, AP, Kalakosha Member
Dr. Kirti Kant Sharma, AP, Kalanidhi Member
Dr. Sushma Zatoo, AP, Kalakosha Member
Dr. Sudhir Lall, AP, Kalakosha Member

Terms of Reference

  1. Providing the contents for uploading on the portal
  2. Validation of the content