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S.No How to purchase IGNCA publications?

The buyer can select the IGNCA publications (books / DVDs / Multimedia CDs/DVDs etc.) from the above mentioned series (lists) and details of the publications with the payment (as per the details given in the payment mode) receipt / DD can be sent to Dr. Advaitavadini Kaul on the address mentioned below.

Shri A K Sinha
Publication Officer
Sutradhara Division,
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts,
11 Mansingh Road,
New Delhi – 110 001, INDIA
Telephone: 91-11-2338 6825
Email: igncapub@gmail.com

Payment mode: Customer can make the payment by Demand Draft in favour of IGNCA, payable at New Delhi or through Bank Transfer. Electronic transfer of money may be sent as per the details below:

Canara Bank
Govt. Business Branch, ASI Building,
Janpath, New Derlhi-110001
SB A/c No. 0143101008365
IFSC Code- CNRB0003525 (For Indian Buyers)

IGNCA Publications are available at `Svasti’ - the IGNCA shop run by HHEC at

C.V. Mess,
New Delhi- 110001
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Published Books

  • perception_of_vedas

    Perception of the Vedas

    ISBN : 81-7304-254-3


    This is the twelfth volume in the series of the collected works of Ananda Coomaraswamy in the IGNCA’s Publication programme.

    In 1933, Coomaraswamy published a New Approach to the Vedas and thereafter be regularly brought out longer and shorter studies of the Vedas and Upanishads till the year 1947. These works were published in a variety of American, European and Indian journals. His essays have been arranged in this volume in relation to some aspect or the other of Vedic text as one integrated perception.

    Coomaraswamy’s writings are an exposition of Vedic ideas by means of a translation and commentary in which the resources of other forms of the universal tradition are taken for granted. He has used the resources of Vedic and Christian scriptures side by side. He has tried to make accurate, evocative translations of Vedic and Upanisadic texts through the use of scholastic language and archaic or composite words. He has employed the technical terms of scholastic philosophy in their proper context for the maintained that the content of Indian religions or philosophical text cannot be conveyed in any other way.

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  • coviawi

    Catalogue of Vedic Implements available with IGNCA

    ISBN : ---
    Edited By : Dr. Kishor Kumar Tripathy

    Catalogue of Vedic Implements available with IGNCA
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  • kms_other01new

    Rgvediya Sankhayana Rudradhyaya Volume I & II

    ISBN : 978-81-855-3-15-8
    Edited By : Prakash Pandey

    (2009, vii + 102,)

    भारतीय श्रौत एवं स्मार्त दोनों परम्पराओं में शिव आराधरा, वृषोत्सर्ग आदि अनेक याज्ञिक क्रियाओं में रुद्राध्याय का पाठ आदि काल से होता आ रहा है। नियमतः जो व्यक्ति वेद की जिस शाका में प्रतिपादित रुद्राध्याय का पाठ करना अनिवार्य होता है. ऋग्वेदीय रुद्राध्याय अभी तक एकमात्र शाकल-संहिता के पाठ के रूप में उपलब्ध था। पहली बार दक्षिण राजस्थान के बाँसवाड़ा जिले में नागर ब्राह्मणों के द्वार संरक्षित ऋग्वेद की शाख्ङायन शाखा का रुद्राध्याय प्रकाशित हो रहा है। प्रस्तुत रुद्राध्याय अन्य प्रसिद्ध रुद्राध्यायों से कई दृष्टियों से विशिष्ट तथा महत्त्वपूर्ण है क्योंकि इससे एक सर्वथा प्राचीन पाठ एवं उसकी पाठ-परम्परा से पाठकों को परिचय प्राप्त होगा।। इसके प्रकाशन से निश्चत् रूप से वैदिक साहित्य, इतिहास एवं संस्कृत के प्रेमी, अध्येता एवं विद्यार्थी लाभान्वित होंगे।
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  • ks_062

    Illustrated Dictionary of Vedic Rituals

    ISBN : 81-7305-309-X
    Edited By : H. C. Ranade

    (2006, XXXvi+348pp., Bibl., B/w Illus. 209 Index,)

    The present lexicon explains the meaning and significance of ritualistic terms frequently occurring in the Śrauta-Sūtras, together with a short description of the sacrificial rites connected or meant therewith. It is an outcome of the engagement of the author with Śrauta ritual for a very long time. He has not only a first-hand knowledge… [read more=”Read More” less=”Read less”] of the texts but also a practical acquaintance with the subject acquired through participating in such sacrifices. Every term has been traced back to its original source for which exact references have been provided. A proper understanding of the technical terminology of the Vedic ritual is a precondition for understanding ritualistic texts connected with the Vedas and also the sacrificial performances mentioned therein. No proper understanding of a Śrauta-Sūtras is possible without knowing the basic concepts and the details of the ritualistic terms. Sketches and photographs of Vedic implements and performances are an added advantage of this lexicon, which will help the reader immensely in understanding the related terms.The dictionary is the first of its kind in view of its vast coverage, authenticity and reliability. We are sure that it will prove to be an indispensable asset for every scholar who wants to familiarize himself with the Vedic ritual and the philosophy behind it.
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  • kms_other02

    Asvalayana Samhita of The Rgveda with Padapatha

    ISBN : 978-81-85503-18-9
    Edited By : B. B. Choubey

    (2009, xxiv+148+678pp,)

    The Purāṇa literature gives ample information about the existence of Śākhā-Saṁhitās. Deviations in text, order and number of ṛk mantras started giving rise to different Śākhā-Saṁhitās from the time of Ācārya Paila; Patañjali referring to twenty­ one Śākhā-Saṁhitās of the Ṛgveda. This publication is an attempt to examine the existence of Śākhā-Saṁhitās of the Ṛgveda as mentioned by the Purāṇas, Patañjali, Mahīdāsa and other authorities, scrutinizing textual evidence in support of them. The focus is, however, on the Āśvalāyana-Saṁhitā, with a background on Ācārya Āśvalāyana and exploring the antiquity, treatment of accent and Padapāṭha of the text by referring to various sources. Published in two volumes it presents a detailed and systematic study of the full text of the Āśvalāyana-Saṁhitā of the Ṛgveda. The verses of the ten Maṇḍalas are given in original form and examined critically in a thorough study. The additional mantras of the Āśvalāyana­Saṁhitā are also presented with the original Sanskrit verses followed by their translation in Hindi and English. Āśvalāyana­Saṁhitā of theṚgveda, a critical edition (with Padapāṭha) of which has been made available in print for the first time, must be put on shelves by every library which has interest in Indian classical literature. Moreover these volumes are bound to interest Vedic scholars and students in particular and Indological scholars of Indian religion and culture in general.
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